VP Events 

The Vice President of Events will be responsible for organizing all of the associations’ events throughout the school year. The VP Events duties include but are not limited to; selecting all of the events dates/times, coming up with new event ideas, planning the logistics of all events, contacting event sponsors, organizing the annual marketing conference, collaborate with other schools/organizations to encourage partnerships and delegating all event related tasks to other committee members. This role is a large time commitment and requires exceptional organization skills. The VP Events has to be comfortable working with others and taking a leadership role.

  • Developing new events and improving existing SMSA events to increase student attendance and participation

  • Responsible for the execution and logistics of all events run by the association

  • Must coordinate and organize additional duties such as event plans, hiring transportation, printing promotional materials, selling event tickets, making marketing plans, event promotion, etc.

  • Work closely with the executive team as role depends highly on other positions

  • Work closely with the Director of Finance to establish event budgets early

  • Order all promotional material such as event gifts, banners, etc.

  • Delegate tasks for other executive members during/before events

  • Ability to multitask

  • Ability to manage and organize a team

  • Ability to react quickly to situations and work under tight deadlines

  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and organization skills

  • Active involvement with Sprott and Carleton student life


5 hours per week