Vice President of Events

Marketing to me is the ability to take an idea at its infancy, and allow that product or service to blossom through effective planning, promotion and pricing. The marketing program offered here at Carleton has enabled me to channel a creative skill set as well as learn how to  build and sustain high-value customer relationships in competitive environments

Bailey is currently in her fourth year of studies pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Finance.


During her time at Sprott, Bailey has been actively involved with the Carleton University Intramural Soccer League.


Aside from her commitment with SMSA, Bailey has worked in a part time position with Milestones in Scarborough, Ontario.


In her role as Vice President of Events, Bailey will be responsible in developing new events and improving existing events to increase student attendance and participation. She is responsible for the execution and logistics of all events.  She will work closely with the Conference Chair to plan the Sprott Marketing Conference in January 2018. In addition, she will manage the Brand Ambassadors team in delegating various tasks throughout the school year.

After the completion of her undergraduate degree, Bailey plans to pursue a CFA certification and a career in the financial industry. In the future, Bailey aspires to acquire a MBA degree.


In her spare time, Bailey enjoys keeping up on her physical fitness as she believes it is a great stress reliever and reaping the benefits from the gains being made.

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