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I see marketing as an ever-changing, always evolving way to get to know your audience's needs and wants. Marketing may be seen as only advertising, but it's so much more than that! It is the first exchange between a customer and a company and creates a relationship that extends beyond the product and towards building a personal connection with each other. Marketing is all about understanding what you can do for the consumers and offer that service/product in a way that keeps them coming back.

Venassa is currently completing her first year of studies pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a concentration in Accounting.

Aside from her commitment with SMSA, Venassa is an active member of Enactus Carleton and the Delta Phi Epsilon Panhellenic Sorority. 

In her role as a Brand Ambassador, Venassa will be helping grow the SMSA brand and providing her insight in the continued growth of the organization for years to come. 

After the completion of her undergraduate degree, Venassa aspires to work in the Finance or Accounting industries in Ottawa. In addition, she plans to volunteer her spare time with Big Brother and Big Sisters of Canada.


In her spare time, Venassa enjoys knitting, reading, listening and dancing to music, spending time with her friends, and shopping. In addition, she is an avid Toronto Raptors fan. 

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