Marketing to me means communicating value propositions through an effective brand concept.  It is making your audience aware of who and what you are; and why it is they need you.  Successful marketing does not simply involve delivering a message but building a conversation between your brand and your consumers.

Dylan is currently in his fourth year of studies pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing.


During his time in Sprott, Dylan has been actively involved in the Sprott community as a SMSA Marketing Representative and an active participant in the Carleton Ravens Intramural Hockey League.   


Aside from his commitment with SMSA, Dylan is currently working as an Officer of Inventory Management for Canada Post.   


In his role as President, Dylan is responsible of ensuring the overall success of SMSA by maintaining constant collaboration with all the portfolios and to encourage cohesion among the executive team.   

After the completion of his undergraduate degree, Dylan strives to pursue a career in Corporate Sales towards becoming a CEO or director of his own department.


In his spare time, Dylan is an avid viewer of Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. One of Dylan’s hobbies is to work towards improving mental health and fitness through physical activities. He is a firm believer in students participating in physical activities, towards a successful stress-free life.

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