• Savannah Caldwell

Theme Nights to Spice Up Your Life!

Written by: Savannah Cladwell

Hey Sprotties! Today we are going to be looking at some different at home themed nights or fun things you can do with your family or friends (that are in your bubble of course) to pass the time! Nights can be very repetitive, I know for me it’s always the same, eat dinner, make popcorn, and watch Netflix and YouTube while the hours fly by. I know most of you are out there doing the same thing too! We all are! Mixing your nights up every once and a while keeps things fresh and interesting! Especially with the stay-at-home order, these will be helpful to ensure that you aren’t feeling like you’re always doing the same thing or not doing anything at all! Those who are out of town right now, these are still so fun to try out and keep things interesting! Let's get into these fun themed nights!

Another idea would be to have a game night! Grab a bunch of different board games, card games, etc., and make it a contest to see who can win the most and throw in some prizes or punishments for the person in the last place! It’s a fun way to create some healthy competition and get you up and energized! Speaking of games, you could turn your favourite online game into a real-life game and play it! Personally, I’ve watched people play Among Us in real life and it looks like so much fun! It’s only a matter of time before I try it out myself! You could also put your own spin on different games to really make it your own. Game nights are always a super fun way to bond with those around you and take your mind off all the stressful events of the day.

Speaking of winding down from the day, having a spa night is also a great way to have a fun night that is also relaxing, quiet, and peaceful. Grab some face masks, put on some relaxing music (or some Netflix), run a bath with bubbles, light some candles, and give yourself some time to be with yourself. It also makes it that much better when you get some chocolate or ice cream too! You could also really go the extra mile and give yourself a manicure/pedicure, do a lip scrub, exfoliate, etc. Pull out all the stops to make sure that you are getting the attention you need to give to yourself because it is so important!

You could have a more artistic night, try following some painting videos, do some dancing and singing, make a whole show out of it! It is fun to put on a video tutorial of a painting and see the end results and differences between you and whoever you are painting with. The steps are all the same, yet they always come out so unique with your own spin on them! An art night is really great in many ways, but it is also very relaxing. Just sitting and painting is a lot more therapeutic than one might think. Singing and dancing around is also a great way to expend the energy you might have after sitting around all day while you work!

Hopefully, you are all inspired to try some of these out! They are inexpensive, fun, and great memories to have with those around you. Remember, with the new semester starting to take the time for yourself away from those electronics, be with your family and friends, relax, and laugh! Stay safe Sprotties!