• Eunice Kabasele

Joy to The World, it’s Christmas!

Written by Eunice Kabasele

All is well, balance is restored when December approaches. The month of December is like the reset button before, the actual reset button on January 1st. Justin Bieber said it best “It’s the most beautiful time of the year, lights fill the streets, spreading so much cheer!”

Honestly, Christmas is easily one of my favourite holidays! Christmas is the one time a year that I enjoy my family’s presence and the family feuds as opposed to when it’s Thanksgiving. Ironically enough, I enjoy the cheesy and corny rom-com movies that I loathe on valentine’s day. Most importantly, I look forward to the excessive home decorating that I’m usually strongly opposed to doing for Halloween.

Just as swiftly as exam season is approaching so is Christmas folks! As we scramble through our notes, we will soon be scrambling through the malls to find the perfect gift. In light of it being the season of giving, I took it upon myself, to set aside my studies so you don’t have too and give you some sweet Christmas gift suggestions. Sit back, relax, and take some notes!

Family First!

The perfect gift for Mom

I love our moms because they accept anything and everything. “It’s the thought that counts” is what they always say. This Christmas get your mom something thoughtful! Think of your mom’s favourite item and engrave it with her name or with a short sweet message. If there isn’t an item, a piece of jewelry should do the trick as well. Other great items include a blanket with a beautiful memorable photo imprinted on it or if you can’t make up your mind on a gift, a box filled with her favourite goodies with some additional spa products such as candles, face masks, body scrubs, and more. Cue the waterworks!

The perfect gift for Dad

Finding a gift for my dad has always been a struggle for me. I find that gifting him an item related to his current interest or hobby always works. Is your dad super into reading these days? Check out the latest from his current favourite author and write a note in the book! Can your dad go without coffee? Get traveler’s mug engraved with a funny dad joke along with his favourite coffee grounds! Does your dad have a fond love for BBQ? Get him an engraved chopping board! If you have the budget (consider going dutch on this with other members of the family) and your dad loves technology, get him the newest phone, tablet or smartwatch. If not, socks are cool too. Oftentimes, dads are [insert characteristic], they don’t need much.

The perfect gift for your sibling(s)

Frankly speaking, anything on trend works. Kids these days (speaking as though being on the brink of graduation doesn’t make me a child) want the latest gadget or apparel. Whatever is new, they would be satisfied with, that is, artist merchandise, latest shoe drop, the new Apple magnet chargers and more. You can also include anything that embellishes their overall moral and “cool status”. For instance, LED strip lights for their bedroom or car, string lights, customized phone cases, brand clothing and more. Now, if your siblings are older then that’s a different story. I would suggest gifting an item that is fitting to their season. Meaning if they are stressed, a massage package, spa box would be helpful. If they are celebrating a job promotion, perhaps something to commemorate that win, a custom name plaque for sentimental value or watch to match the appearance of their new position.

For your loved ones…

The perfect gift for Her

Folks let’s get this right the first time! Oftentimes, your girlfriend will tell you exactly what she wants without telling you exactly what she wants. But I get it, reading between the lines is hard sometimes. Here are a couple safe choices:

  • Lounge Set (Sweatpants material or Sherpa is the new trend)

  • Subscription box filled with goodies she often uses or goodies she would enjoy

  • A purse or bag

  • Personalized jewelry (an engraved message would be a great touch)

  • On trend Skincare items (The Ordinary is big right now!)

  • Latest Makeup items (Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez, Kylie Cosmetics are on trend!)

  • Phone/Laptop case

  • Photo printer

  • Polaroid camera

The perfect gift for Him

Let’s knock this out of the park while we are at it: PS5. If you have the funds to provide this long-awaited console, expect your man to ask for your hand in marriage! (Woohoo!) Crazy, I know. It’s the generation we live in now, what can I say? But, frankly speaking as students, let’s try to minimize any drastic spending, we have loans to pay. With that being said, here are some gifts to consider:

  • Wireless headphones

  • Wireless charger (preferably those that charge multiple things at once)

  • Customized shoes

  • A watch

  • Tech Fleece tracksuits (Nike ones are on trend)

  • Bluetooth Speaker

  • Favourite artist merch

  • Wallet or cardholder (engrave his name!)

  • A record player/turntable

  • Sunglasses

Try to create a budget for your gifts this year or consult other family members and split the costs of certain gifts! Remember to be safe and exert COVID-19 protocols when shopping this year. Happy holidays!