• Jane Zaugg

Free Courses to Enhance your Marketing & Technology Skills Outside the Classroom

Looking for a way to gain technical and tangible skills to complement your education? The following four platforms provide free courses and other learning opportunities for all Sprott students. From LinkedIn Learning’s fast and informative lessons (usually less than 10 min!) to IBM’s technology and design courses, there are plenty of ways to develop in-demand skills within the marketing and technology industries.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning provides thousands of courses on many different topics, including ecommerce, marketing, leadership skills, and graphic design. Each course is divided up into sections with a few short instructional videos. Each video is usually less than 10 minutes, allowing courses to be broken up into smaller portions that can be watched anytime. The platform also offers quizzes within courses for users to test their knowledge.

The first page of Business courses on LinkedIn Learning

Like TED or other video-based learning platforms, LinkedIn Learning allows videos to be sped up/slowed down and transcripts are available along with closed captioning.

LinkedIn has a few unique features which make it a great choice for picking up some extra skills or developing new interests. First, the site allows notes to be taken directly on the webpage, which can then be saved along with the specific video for reference, or downloaded onto your computer. You are also able to set learning goals for each week, to monitor your learning and motivate yourself.

The third and most unique offering is live office hours with real experts. These are webinars where you can go and learn from technology experts, skills development experts, and so much more.

How Can I Access LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is completely free for Carleton students, however a LinkedIn account is required. Click here to access LinkedIn Learning - don’t forget to use your Carleton Email to gain access.

To access LinkedIn learning from your regular LinkedIn Profile, click the learning button onthe top-right side of the header, to the right of the Work menu:

Salesforce Trailhead

Salesforce is one of the top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms in the world. Its products offer a variety of tools to organize customer data, automate workflow with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and create more engaging marketing campaigns. Salesforce Trailhead

is a learning platform presented by Salesforce offering 279 different trails (courses). Each Trail ranges in time, with shorter courses being about an hour and a half, to longer ones being over twelve hours of learning.

Trails offer skills relevant to a variety of career paths including Marketing, Marketing Management, Business Analysis, Technical Architecture, and even Salesforce Development.

Looking for shorter educational offerings? Salesforce Trailhead also offers 1000+ Modules, each an hour or less, of various topics: from marketing analytics to cloud computing.

If you find yourself looking for a different way of learning, Salesforce Trailhead also offers projects that users can complete to gain experience in various domains. These projects are usually 1-2 hours and provide simple, concrete tasks to further learning.

How Can I Access Salesforce Trailhead?

Anybody can sign up to Trailhead for free! Click here to sign up and explore your learning opportunities.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides courses and credentials for students looking to increase their cloud computing knowledge and related skills. Though it is not directly related to Marketing, students interested in cloud computing and other internet-based technologies will find plenty of engaging course material to take advantage of.

How Can I Access Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services is free for any Carleton Student. Click here to sign up.

IBM Courses

IBM offers two individual courses that are temporarily free to the public. They are sequential courses and the first course acts as a prerequisite for the second. Both of these courses can be used to fill the Technology Badge of the Employability Passport.

Course #1: Practitioner

The practitioner course is a 2-hour course focusing on enterprise design and thinking. It focuses on developing design skills, including teamwork and planning, while also learning to focus and act on customer needs.

Course #2: Team essentials for AI

Team essentials for AI provides knowledge on IBM’s AI essentials framework and gives learners resource-gathering tools for starting their own AI-related projects. This 3-hour course guides students through a case study, showcasing what tools are needed to create AI that is centered on people.

How Can I Access IBM Courses?

An IBMid account is required to access the courses, but anybody can create an account for free. Click here to view the courses.