The Sprott Marketing Students' Association prides itself on the ability to offer our members unique events throughout the school year. Our events range from social, to academic, to professional- there is always something new right for any Sprott and Carleton student! We are working very diligently to put together engaging virtual and in-person events for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Please stay tuned on social media for the latest updates!


"It was my pleasure to join other Ottawa marketers as a member on the 2020 Industry Panel hosted by the Sprott Marketing Students' Association (SMSA). The event was well organized and as a member I received timely updates and created great new contacts. The event hosts were gracious and welcoming and I was impressed with the caliber of students who will soon graduate to represent their program, university and city well."

Patrick Kenny, Director of Marketing & Communications at Invest Ottawa & Bayview Yards, Industry Panelist 

Arnold Luong, Sprott Alumni, Former SMSA Member

"I always wanted to be an executive with SMSA right from the day I was introduced to the association by my Sprosh president whose friend was an executive at the time. After 3 years of paying my dues in the Sprott community, being selected as the VP Marketing changed my undergraduate and post-grad career for the better. Being involved with SMSA is an experience unlike any other, as it's a learning opportunity to gain skills and develop leadership skills for the workforce that you cannot find in a classroom. SMSA gave me the platform to showcase my creativity and impact for Sprott and the business community at large. In return, my time at SMSA led to greater things down the road for my career. For someone looking to develop/grow skills at their own pace and experience, SMSA is the business association for them. "


2020 Club Expo
2019 Relay for Life
2020 Industry Panel
2019 Flower Boys and Girls Campaign
2018 Insight Night x SISSA