Director of Finance

Marketing is about promoting and selling products and services and everything that goes along with that. But it is also so much more than that to me. Every single day, everyone is marketing. Every interaction, or  lack there of, is a means of marketing yourself to others. Once I realized this it changed my perspective and was the reason I was driven to concentrate in marketing. To me, marketing myself doesn't mean being fake or stretching the truth of who I am. It's the opposite. It's about being myself and having others form their opinion on me however they see the real me, as they would with any product or service.

Dana is currently in her third year of studies pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing and Management.  


During her time in Sprott, Dana has been actively involved in the Sprott community as a Vice President and Manager with Sprosh (Sprott Fall Orientation Week) and a Social Team Delegate with the JDCC Sprott team at JDC Central 2017.  


Aside from her commitment with SMSA, Dana is currently working part time with the Department of National Defence and as an Internal Volunteer with the JDCC Sprott team. In addition, she currently holds a part-time position with the City of Ottawa with the Before and After School program for children between the ages of 4 and 12.  



In her role as Director of Finance, Dana will be responsible for overseeing the entire financial portfolio for SMSA. She is responsible for handling the master budget and acquiring funding for events.


After the completion of her undergraduate degree, Dana hopes to use her experiences from her undergraduate studies and co-op terms to find her path in her professional career.


In her spare time, Dana enjoys her time to relax, whether enjoying a good book or spending time with her family and friends.

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