Conference Chairman

Marketing to me is the ability to take an idea at its infancy, and allow that product or service to blossom through effective planning, promotion and pricing. The marketing program offered here at Carleton has enabled me to channel a creative skill set as well as learn how to  build and sustain high-value customer relationships in competitive environments

Ty is currently in his third year of studies pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing


During his time in Sprott, Ty has been actively involved in the Sprott community as a Manager with Sprosh (Sprott Fall Orientation Week) and a Social Team Delegate with the JDCC Sprott team at JDC Central 2017, and as a Community Manager with the Carleton University chapter of Spoon University.  


Aside from his commitment with SMSA, Ty is currently an Academic Delegate with JDCC Sprott team for JDC Central 2018.


In his role as Conference Chair, Ty is responsible in working with Bailey to plan this year's Marketing and Networking Panel in January 2018. He will be planning everything in relation to the conference, whether it’s recruiting speakers or booking venue spaces.

After the completion of his undergraduate degree, Ty plans to pursue a career in consulting.


In his spare time, Ty is an avid sports fan, particularly for the New York Mets. You can find him at Oliver’s keeping with the latest scores and news in sports or watching the big game on the screens.

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