Vice President of Operations

Marketing is the ingenuity, originality, and inventiveness of communicating benefits of a product or service to a target market. 

Mallory is currently in her last year of studies pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a double concentration in Marketing and Finance.


During her time in Sprott, Mallory has been actively involved in the Sprott community as a Manager/Board of Director with Sprosh (Sprott Fall Orientation Week), an Academic Delegate with the JDCC Sprott team at JDC Central 2016/2017 , and as a Resident Fellow with Carleton University’s Residence Team.


Aside from her commitment with SMSA, Mallory is the Charity Director of JDCC Sprott. Also, Mallory has recently competed at the Rotterdam International Case Competition in Rotterdam with Sprott Competes. 


In her role as VP Operations, Mallory is responsible in overseeing the Operations portfolio (Corporate Relations and Finance) to ensure SMSA is maintaining a strong corporate image with the local Ottawa community and financial flexibility for the organization.

After the completion of her undergraduate degree, Mallory plans to pursue a career in brand marketing.


In her spare time, Mallory enjoys taking the time to travel the world to seek out new opportunities to integrate herself into new cultures.

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