The Sprott Marketing Students' Association (SMSA) aims to provide the best academic, networking, and social opportunities for Marketing and business students. SMSA organizes various events (Sprott Marketing Conference, Marketing Case Prep Session, Meet and Greet) to provide students a broader insight in the Marketing and business industry.

G E T  I N V O L V E D
We have many great opportunities for students looking to enhance their leadership, marketing, event planning, and corporate relations skills.

Our Team

Dylan Reinhart

Arnold Luong

Furqan Shakih

Casey Crooke

Blair Watson

Bailey Archer

Ty Murphy

Mallory Tretter

Dana Quinn

Jordan DiBerardino

Nathan Lee

Callum Kilby


Vice President of Marketing

Director of Brand Development

Director of Content and Graphics

Director of Social Media

Vice President of Events

Conference Chairman

Vice President of Operations

Director of Finance

Director of Corporate Relations

Co-Director of Brand Ambassadors

Co-Director of Brand Ambassadors

We organize multiple events to display the academic, professional, and social opportunities within the Marketing and Business world. 



In January, we will have our annual Sprott Marketing Conference on Friday January 26, 2018

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